Katy + Joe | Allentown, NJ

When Katy and Joe contacted me about shooting their wedding day, I had to triple check the date on the calendar. - A Monday wedding!? Yes, I heard them right.

Here’s the thing about Katy and Joe: What mattered most to them, was getting married. The wedding was just a bonus. With their closest friends and family, they joined together at Saint John the Baptist in Allentown, NJ.

There were so many little touches throughout the day that meant the world to them. Such as Katy’s grandmother’s rosary beads, her mother’s garter, and the church they joined hands in.

I don’t come across couples like this too often, but they didn’t care about the bells and whistles, or having a fancy venue or band - all they needed was each other and the people that meant the most to them to make their day perfect.

Congratulations Katy and Joe. May your love be infectious as your smiles.

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