Christina + Ricky | The Kite and Key, Philadelphia

I recently had the pleasure of shooting Christina and Ricky’s engagement pictures in Philadelphia. Christina warned me ahead of time that she awkward in front of the camera so they might need a little warming up first - She couldn’t of been more wrong! They were SO photogenic and easy to photograph. You’d be surprised how many times I hear that from couples, and then their engagement session is a breeze and they look like they’ve done this a million times once they get their photos back.

Because of a little nerves before hand, our first stop was at The Kite and Key in Philly - a cute little restaurant/bar they suggested we could grab a quick drink at first. We found a spot on the side of their building, enjoyed a drink, and just talked while bringing out my camera once in a while to snap a few photos once I saw them getting more comfortable.

The skies grew dark as they finished their drinks, but we still had another important stop to make - The first apartment together, a few blocks down the road. On our way over, it started down pouring! I encouraged them to just have fun and roll with it! And they totally let their guard down and we laughed as all three of us got SOAKED as I snapped away at them running, laughing, dancing and enjoying this often underrated moment.

We finally made it up to the top of their old apartment building where it overlooked what looked like all of Philadelphia. The city was darker and wetter from when we started now, but there was a calmness and peace at the top of that rooftop.

Maybe it wasn’t the perfect sunny spring day, but it was THEIR day, and it was perfect - they rocked it, despite the weather.

Thanks for being so much fun and easy going during this shoot Christina and Ricky! I can’t wait for your wedding next year!!

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