Alicia + Paul | Scottland Run Golf Club

Alicia and Paul’s fall wedding was simply perfect. I’ve known Alicia for quite a few years now after meeting through our church and I knew she would be a very relaxed and chill bride! She made looking that stunning, effortless. This was such fun, yet well planned out wedding! After they shared a first look in front of their home, we headed over to their venue at Scottland Run Golf Club to take some quick photos on their beautiful grounds to make sure we could get all of their formal photos out of the way before the ceremony (love when couples choose to do it this way!). Alicia and Paul really wanted to stop at a local brewery right down the street for some quick flights of beer before our next stop, and so, to the 13th Child Brewery we went! What a fun way to relax everyone’s nerves before the wedding. After they officially tied the knot at Our Lady of Peace in Williamstown, we headed back to Scottland Run to dance the night away. Everyone was so great to work with that day I enjoyed every minute of sharing in their special day!

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Kate McCarthy