Alex + Mike | Burlington County Fairgrounds

I’ve known Alex (also known as Dr. Cantelmo) for a couple years now. As some of you may know, I work as a vet tech part time, and had the pleasure of working along side Alex - an amazing and extremely caring veterinarian. I was honored when she asked me to shoot her wedding at the Burlington County Fairgrounds, because not only did I know she would be a very carefree bride and great to work with, but I had a small hunch she would be incorporating some of her beloved animals into the wedding (Weddings + animals = in my top 5 favorite things in life). Not to leave Mike out - he was a joy to work with too!! So I had to share some of my favorite pictures with you from this day. I love love LOVE that they went off the grid and didn’t follow the rules for your typical wedding day. After all, if a bride wants her pony as a flower girl, she’s gonna get a pony as her flower girl. But I’m not sure if that can top their maid of honor and best man being her adorable dogs.

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