Danyelle + Bill | Lucien's Manor, NJ

It was a beautiful fall day for Danyelle and Bill to get married - the sun was shining, the temperature was perfect. When I did their engagement pictures at the Cape May Winery the year before, I knew these two would be so easy to work with on their wedding day. Danyelle HAD to be one of the most relaxed and easy-going brides that I’ve ever seen the morning of! Getting ready with all her girls, she made sure to have every bridesmaid included in one piece of her getting ready process. I loved that idea. You can tell she is the type of person that makes everyone feel special! After everyone was all dolled up, we headed over to Our Lady of Peace Parish in Williamstown (my home church!!) for a beautiful ceremony. After they said their “I do’s”, we traveled to the beautiful Lucien’s Manor in Berlin for their formal photos, followed by the reception. Everyone danced the night away celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Faunt.

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