Jordyn's Maternity | William Heritage Winery, Mullica Hill

When Jordyn contacted me to do her maternity photos, I was pumped! Although I do love the simplicity and intimacy of maternity sessions, I also knew after shooting Jordyn and Joey before, they are rock stars in front of the camera. Maybe it’s Jordyn’s hair that looks like it was out of a Herbal Essence commercial, or maybe it’s how sweet they are as a couple and how effortless they make this all look. But either way, I knew it would be a good shoot.

Jordyn picked Heritage Winery in Mullica Hill for their location and I was amazed and how much variety we found there in the dead of winter! We got the VIP treatment by the owner to drive through the vineyards to a couple old barns, got to shoot at the second highest point in South Jersey (check out the tree shot), as well as getting to walk through the barrel room and smell that fruity wine goodness.

They thanked me with treating me to a bottle of Jersey Peach wine which, if you haven’t tried it, you need to! And I’m so looking forward to cracking that bottle open - maybe I’ll save it and cheers to Baby A when he/she makes an appearance!?

Jordyn carries this baby at 8 months with complete grace. I can’t wait to get that call next month that they have given birth to he/she! Stay tuned for this little one’s fresh 48 session next!!

Jordyn's maternity-6450.jpg
Jordyn's maternity-6474.jpg
Jordyn's maternity-6487.jpg
Jordyn's maternity-6550.jpg
Jordyn's maternity-6556.jpg
Jordyn's maternity-6585.jpg
Jordyn's maternity-6593.jpg
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Jordyn's maternity-6826.jpg